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Many indoor allergies are caused or worsened by the level of dust in a home. Duct collects in sometimes hard to remove areas such as carpet, ductwork under and behind furniture, and even walls.


Dust can carry bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, and other odors. We have created a menu of allergy relief cleaning options for you to choose from that can help significantly reduce indoor allergens and pollutants. Scroll Below. 

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Allergy Relief Menu

1. Complete Carpet Cleaning, including moving all movable furniture and cleaning under and behind it. This is a level above our standard cleaning as we do not move all furniture. Carpet is the biggest air filter in your home, and therefore, for any allergy cleaning, carpet cleaning is an absolute must.

2. HEPA Vacuuming walls and furniture: Want to really help your allergies, HEPA vacuuming your entire home will make a huge difference. We do not include decorations or other personal items with this service. But it will consist of all walls, high shelves, and furniture we can vacuum without moving personal items.


3. Duct Cleaning: If you cannot remember if your ducts have ever been cleaned then it is probably time. No allergy relief cleaning would be complete without this service, and if you are going to do it than you want it done right. We do it right, and we are NADCA certified and take our time. The good news is once this is done, you won’t need to do it again for a long time as long as you keep your filters clean.


4. Air Scrubber: To complete the allergy relief treatment, we will run a HEPA air scrubber while we are cleaning, which will help trap airborne allergens.


5. Damp wipe all walls and hard furniture with germicidal cleaner.

Your Allergy Questions Anwsered

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