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Your Oriental and area rug require the same level of cleaning as your carpets, but they may require special handling and care due to the construction and material of your rug. At Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration, our certified rug specialists know exactly how to care for your area rugs, so you get the best results without the risk of damaging your rugs.

We clean all types of area rugs including wool, olefin, cotton, nylon, and polyester rugs. An experienced and knowledgeable rug cleaning specialist will inspect your rug and recommend the preferred cleaning method based on the condition, age, construction, and material of your rug.


Sunshine Cleaning and Restoration uses two primary methods of cleaning rugs which are surface cleaning and full immersion washing. We also have several dry or lower moisture cleaning methods available to safely clean virtually any rug.

Full Immersion Rug Washing

Full immersion rug washing is the recommended method for cleaning high-value wool rugs. Full immersion washing is especially recommended for rugs that are heavily soiled or that have odor issues. This is an extensive cleaning process that is safe and effective for most rug types including Oriental rugs, handwoven rugs, and wool rugs.

Our Full Immersion Rug Cleaning Process:

  1. Rug Dusting: Soils are removed from your rug using vacuums, a specialized “rug duster” and compressed air. We will remove as much soil as possible before washing the rug.

  2. Dye Testing and Stabilization: Before washing, we will test your rug to ensure the dyes do not run or fade during cleaning.

  3. Full Immersion Cleaning: Your rug will be washed in a full immersion bath where it experiences continuous agitation, flushing, and rinsing until the water runs clean.

  4. Extraction: Once clean, we will extract as much remaining water from the rug to promote faster drying.

  5. Groom and Set Pile.

  6. Drying: The rug is laid flat to dry. Depending on the material and construction of the rug, the drying process can take several days.

  7. Finishing: Once the rug is clean and dry, we will inspect it once more and complete any finishing touches on the rug, if needed. Your rug will be carefully wrapped and prepared for transport.

Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning is accomplished by using a water extraction method similar to carpet cleaning. Surface cleaning can be performed in your home or at our rug cleaning facility.  This type of rug cleaning is appropriate for some store-bought area rugs.

Our Surface Cleaning Process:

  1. The rug is vacuumed to remove as much soil as possible.

  2. A pre-treatment formula is sprayed on the rug that loosens soils and conditions the rug fibers for cleaning.

  3. The rug is cleaned using agitation and hot water extraction.

  4. Groom and set pile.

  5. Dry.

Any rugs cleaned in our specialized rug cleaning facility will be fully dried and wrapped for delivery back to your home. If your rug is heavily soiled or requires special care, we highly recommend having us clean your rugs in our facility.

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