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Avoiding Water Damage This Fall in Arizona

It's been subtle but have you started to feel those temperatures begin to lower? Fall is just weeks away and the cooler weather almost feels like a sign of relief after another hot summer.

Fall, like all seasons of the year, comes with its own challenges and needs to prepare your home to avoid water damage issues. We recommend following these four important tips to avoid your Arizona home from a water damage emergency this fall!

Disconnect Your Garden Hose

Depending on where you live in the State of Arizona your home may be prone to freeze damage. As the weather begins to drop, your time of watering the lawn might begin to diminish throughout the rest of the year. Simply disconnect your outside garden and use an insulate cover to protect it from freezing when the temperatures really start to drop. Especially in Northern Arizona.

Leaves and Gutters

The Falls season comes the drop of leaves and pine needles, which can clog your gutters and downspouts. With any kind of heavy rainfall or snow these wet leaves and debris can plug downspouts and lead to overflow in your gutters that can pour into soffits, basement window wells, penetrate siding, and wall cavities.

When this happens your home can become subject to indoor water damage and mold growth. Take the time now and throughout fall to ensure your gutters are removed from excess debris to avoid a water damage emergency and restoration.

Roof Inspections

Low temperatures and high winds that accompany autumn can be the cause of damage to your homes roof. We recommend taking the time throughout the fall season to evaluate the condition of your roof.

One missing shingle or dip in the roof can be the cause of water damage on the ceilings of your home that may be hard to identify. This can lead to further water damage and mold growth and a bigger restoration in the days to come

Sprinkler System

Although the Scottsdale, Arizona winter doesn't get terribly cold, you still run the risk of a pipe potentially freezing. Even though winter is a few weeks away, the fall time is the best time to prepare your sprinkler season for the colder weather.

Usually, your manufacturer has procedures to help winterize your sprinklers. Avoiding preparing your sprinklers could lead to a rupture or issue with the main line that could flood your home.

The Water Damage Restoration Company You Can Trust

What makes a professional in water damage and restoration? At the absolute minimum, they should be trained and certified by the IICRC in water damage and restoration. This certification is only the beginning. The class alone is not enough to be a professional in flood and water restoration. It takes hundreds of hours of on-site experience. Our company has been performing water restoration for 12 years, from basement water removal to drying hardwood floors in place… we can do it all!

Sunshine Restoration prides itself on having a high level of customer service in the carpet cleaning division and we have carried that care and concern over to the flood and water damage restoration area of our business. We are small enough to know you, yet big enough to handle any size of water loss.

If you have experienced flood damage, water damage, or mold damage in your Arizona home contact us right away to make sure your home is restored quickly and correctly! Contact us here to get started!

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