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8 Common Places For Mold Growth in Your Home

Most homeowners might take for granted the ease in which we have clean water, clean air, and a generally habitable environment. It's often not until those things become in question that we realize how vital and important they are to the health of our home and our families.

One of the greatest opponents to a healthy and clean environment is mold growth.

The growth of mold of any kind, especially black mold, is simply no joke. Most homeowners on the first site of mold will jump to make sure the area is clean and treated. But, you can only get rid of mold that you can see.

Hidden mold is more common than you think. Since mold growth conditions involve humidity, the fungus is usually found in hidden areas.

You might be asking, "What's the issue if I can't see it?" Other than the mold eating away your building and devaluing it, toxic mold is seriously damaging to your body system. It can lead to serious health problems that you can avoid by finding the hidden mold.

The question is... where is the hidden mold? We have come together to give you a list of 12 of some of the most likely places mold may be hiding in your Arizona home. MOST COMMON PLACES FOR MOLD GROWTH Mold can hide in different areas of your home. It can be in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and even your bedroom. Mold needs some humidity or moisture, oxygen, and a surface to land. If the place is warm and dark, it helps the mold grow faster.

These mold growth conditions can be fulfilled in any area of your home by a simple water leak or stagnant water. Therefore, it is vital to know where these leaks often occur and watch out for the signs before the mold spores settle and become a problem.


1. Mold in Bathroom

Your bathroom can be a huge culprit for mold growth. It has different hidden corners for mold to grow, and those warm showers you take don't help in any way. Any area of this room that comes in contact with water can create a perfect living space for mold.

We recommend checking your toothbrush holder, the mat, your towels, the toilet and bathtub, underneath the sink, and between the tiles. One way to avoid mold in this part of the house is to keep it as dry and cool as possible. You can use a ventilation fan to dry and cool the room after every shower.

Clean your bathroom often and look in the nooks and crannies where mold may be hiding.

2. Mold in the Kitchen

With a constant water supply and usually a warm space, the kitchen is often one of the most common places where mold can be hiding. Leaks and spills often frequent a kitchen space, especially when you have young ones. Mold in the kitchen is even more dangerous as you cook your food in this room.

If you want to keep mold out of your kitchen, ensuring the area is as clean as possible is truly your best bet. It would be best if you also fixed any leaks, no matter how small, immediately. Do a check of areas where mold can hide, like under your sink and on the window sill.

3. Mold in the Attic

The attic is one of the most ignored rooms in a home. However, this room is liable to mold growth. The worst part is that since it houses most of your ventilation systems, it can spread the mold spores to other parts of the house. Ensure to check your attic often for mold.

4. Mold in the Air Conditioning Vents & Air Ducts

While your air conditioner works to keep your rooms cool, the vents might be a different story. The warmth and presence of moisture make this area an ideal place for mold to grow. If you suspect mold growth in your vents, contact professionals to help you get them removed and cleaned.

The air ducts in your home, like the air conditioning vents, can also hold mold. The hidden corners of the air ducts have the perfect temperature and humidity for mold growth. Just ensure that mold remediation professionals regularly check this area of the house.

Having your air ducts cleaned by Sunshine Restoration professionals can help ensure there is no mold growth in your home.

5. Mold in Walls

Mold in the walls seems like an interesting place for mold to grow. But, mold can grow under the paneling, behind the wallboard, and the wallpaper. This can often be a case if you may have had a leaky roof at some point where the water leaked into the wall. It is hard to discover this mold. If you notice any wet spots or dark stains on your walls, you should ensure that they are checked out for mold as soon as possible.

6. Mold on Windows

Your windows are your protection from the cold outside, pollen, and more. They keep the rain and the heat out, which also means they have the moisture and heat for mold growth. You should check your window sills and corners for any sign of mold growth. Clean this area regularly to keep the area mold free.

7. Mold on Carpets

Whether you are coming in from a big Arizona Monsoon Storm or your young toddler accidentally spills their entire glass of water in the middle of the living room floor, water can often find its way into your carpet fibers. Add this extra moisture to the heat beneath a rug, and you have a perfect place for mold to grow. You can prevent most of it by keeping your carpet as clean as possible all the time. Contact our carpet cleaning team to get your carpets cleaned this spring.

8. Mold in the Laundry Room

Your laundry room is a commonplace for mold because of the moisture and warmth that this room usually has. The washing machine is the chief culprit for providing the excess water in this room. If you have a leak or leave out dirty or wet clothes lying in the room can create a great breeding ground for future mold growth.

Check your washer and dryer for any possible water leaks and keep this room as clean and dry as possible.

Mold Remediation Company Serving the Scottsdale & Payson Surrounding Areas

Our team at Sunshine Restoration is focused and driven on making sure your home is a safe and clean space for you and your family. Our mold restoration process is thorough to make sure your living environment is perfectly safe.

Contact our team today by visiting or by calling directly at 480-912-2619.

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