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Preventing Water Damage With Proper Maintenance for Your Scottsdale Home

Errant water can escape and flow deep into your home: in ductwork, within the furnace, under the floor, behind the walls, etc. Unchecked water can short your electrical components or can cause harmful corrosion. Inspecting your home regularly can help detect early signs of water leaks before they can cause more severe damage. Water pooling or running along the floor is always a red flag– it’s time to investigate for any leaks or clogs causing a water problem.

Once you discover any unexplained water, immediately get a professional opinion from Sunshine Restoration. A water leak or burst pipe can lead to costly water damage and require more expensive renovations. Here are three ways that water can get in to damage your home:

HVAC Drain Lines

Water is a natural part of your air conditioning system. As hot, humid air is cooled, it creates condensation on the evaporator coil. The condensation then drips down into the condensate pan, which is emptied outside through a drain line. Some HVAC systems use a condensate pump to drain off any condensation the system may create. Once the reservoir fills to a certain point, the pump switches on and pushes the water out through a drain line. Either version can become clogged or damaged.

Plumbing and Appliances

Plumbing system failures costs homeowners time and money more often than any other source of water loss– an average of more than $5,000 after the insurance deductible was paid. The majority of insurance claims were caused by 1) pipes and 2) connector failure.

Problems with pipes can manifest in several ways including suspicious monthly water bills, banging pipes, rust stains, moisture in the walls or on the floor. Address any of these signs immediately with a qualified water restoration team like Sunshine Cleaning.

Make it a practice to regularly check hoses leading to water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerator ice makers. Invest in a water leak monitoring and shut-off system to alert you to any leaks. Immediately replace any hoses that have cracks or leaks; upgrade to braided steel connectors to lessen the chance of leaks.

Basement Flooding

Preventing basement water seepage can be devastating. It can wreak havoc inside your home, possibly ruining electrical equipment, the HVAC or your stored positions. Water in the basement is often caused by cracks in building foundations or floor slabs. If you notice water seepage after heavy rain when you’ve never had a problem, it may mean that your once-waterproof cement floors and basement walls have deteriorated. Before you reseal, be sure that any external draining issues are corrected.

Make sure water drains away from the building. After a storm, and especially if the ground is already saturated, rainwater that flows towards the building goes down the outside of the foundation wall potentially through any cracks. Put on your rain boots and observe the water flow during a hard rain.

For Water Damage

Checking your home regularly is the best prevention for water damage. Drains should be checked for debris or dirt that can cause them to clog. Look at your condensate pan and your pump and make sure they are properly draining. If you know a storm is approaching that could cause water damage, try covering your outdoor unit and turning your system off to protect its electrical components. If you need help maintaining your home or suspect water damage, contact a professional restoration team like Sunshine Restoration located in Payson, Scottsdale, and Fountain Hills.

Bacteria, mold, and odors can impact not only the health and beauty of your home but also its value. Sunshine Restoration wants to help protect your home and your family’s health.

Service Areas

Sunshine Restoration is a full service fire, mold, and water damage restoration company conveniently located in Scottsdale, Payson, & Fountain Hills, Arizona. We pride ourselves on being the go to source to help manage your damage in Arizona. With our professional trained staff, top tier equipment, and industry knowledge you can be sure that Sunshine Restoration is the team you can trust for all your damage restoration needs.

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