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Do you know what the worst kind of flood or water damage?

Water damage not covered by insurance!

Customers are often surprised to find out that slow leaks and water damage from outside groundwater are not covered by insurance. This often leads to Water damage not dried out properly. Which leads to dry rot and mold. Dry rot and mold are also not covered by most insurance policies.

This is a completely unfortunate situation. If you read our previous article on the categories of water damage, it talks about how outside water or water that has sat for a long period of time is considered category 3 or grossly contaminated and that all affected materials need to be removed for proper mitigation.

Which makes this an untenable situation for many homeowners who are faced with a huge expense that if left undone can have serious health consequences not to mention degrading the value of their biggest investment.

Hopefully, you will never need to worry about making these decisions, but if you do we can offer you an estimate to properly mitigate your property and even offer financing options.

Remember anyone can extract the water but we will save your home.

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