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Establishing A Healthier Home By Preventing Water Damage

Water damage can come from a number of sources. A piece of plumbing exploding from excess pressure to summer thunder storms easing rain water through the cracks in your home and everything in between. All of these sources of water damage could destroy your Scottsdale, Arizona home this summer.

We intend to provide a few important checklist items you can use to ensure your home is a healthy and safe space from water damage and the issues that water damage may bring.

Stopping Mold Dead in it's Tracks

Most Arizona homeowners don't realize how incredibly fast mold can grow and how little moisture it really takes to create a platform for mold to thrive. Often times, individuals are unaware of the growth of mold until it has spread throughout the home and the smell is strong enough to knock you over.

A small presence of moisture that is left unattended to can be all it takes for mold spores to grab hold and begin to spread. Within 48 hours of water damage to your home mold can take hold and begin to spread, this is why it is imperative to remediate the water damage as soon as possible.

If mold has grabbed hold to the surfaces of your home we highly recommend contacting a professional mold company that has the skill, training, and equipment to get the job done right.

Locate Potential Water Leaks in Your Home

It may seem obvious, but is often times overlooked, identifying possible water leaks to your home can prevent severe water damage. Often times these leaks can be found from old appliances or plumbing. These are usually the two most likely sources of water damages for Scottsdale homes.

We recommend having your local plumber check your plumbing pipes once a year to ensure they remain in good condition and negate and possible leaks. This may seem like much, but a simple safety measure on checking your homes plumbing can save you big in the long run.

Find Most Susceptible Areas of your Home to Prevent Water Damage

By understanding the parts of your home that are most likely to flood or be susceptible to water damage during monsoon season can likely save your hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

Possible places may be a basement, around your HVAC system if it is placed on the roof of your home, or anywhere else that water may pool. Remember that mold thrives in cool, dark, areas so be sure to check often in an effort to prevent water damage and keep your home mold free.

If you find yourself in a water damage emergency contact our team at Sunshine Restoration. The faster we can get there the more likely it will be for us to mitigate the amount of water damage to your Scottsdale home. Contact us by clicking here or call directly at 480-912-2619.

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