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Sneaky Signs You Have A Leak in Your Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the must probable places in your home for water damage due to purposes of the bathroom. Water can leak into gaps and wreck havoc on your building materials over time. This can lead to major water damage to your bathroom's structure and the overall safety of your home. These types of leaks can even lead to water damage outside of the toilet. It is important to check for possible water leaks inside your bathroom to prevent major water damage. You can find a list below of possible sneaky and not so sneaky signs of water damage in your homes bathroom.

Musty Smell Coming From Your Bathroom

If water enters into the fibers, insulation, or other material in the walls of your bathroom you may begin to smell a musty, wet odor, evening after trying to clean the area multiple times. If your ventilation system is failing, you may be dealing with a moisture issue inside the walls of your bathroom.

Mold Formation Inside the Walls

If you begin to find mold appearing in the same general place even after cleaning, this is a huge sign that there is a leak somewhere. Water will begin to gather behind the walls, leading to mold on the interior, which will begin to find itself on the exterior of the wall as well. If the leak is internal, finally removing the mold without fixing the actual issue is impossible.

Damaged Walls

Wall damage can be a big indicator of water damage hidden behind the wall. When drywall meets water, it will also begin to bubble and become soft. Eventually, it will begin to deform and tear into pieces. In order to make proper repairs, we recommend a professional tear out the walls. If you find a serious leak we recommend calling an emergency water damage restoration company that can both serve the water damage and mold, but also help reconstruct your home after the repairs.

Damaged or Warped Flooring

If you notice the flooring around your toilet beginning to crack or stain you may have a water leak. It is possible that water is coming from a pipe beneath the floor, but this is not always the case. If you step on the floor you may notice that it is "mushy". If you notice this sign we recommend repairing immediately to avoid any future damages.

Stains on Ceilings

Often times in homes that may have a bathroom on the second floor, you may see some discoloration or sign of water leak directly beneath it. Due to water having the ability to travel large distances, water stains on the ceiling can be found further away, but it is typical to see them directly below the leak. If you notice a drooping, sagging, or bubbling ceiling this is a tall tail sign that you have a water leak.

Water Damage Restoration Scottsdale, Arizona

Any indication of water or moisture where there should not be any is something you should fix immediately. The faster a water damage restoration professional is to be on site, the more likely they will be able to limit the damage. That is why our water damage restoration professionals at Sunshine Restoration are prepared to help you in quickly recovering from the impacts of water damage.

Contact us today if you are in need of water damage restoration by clicking here or by calling 480-912-2619.

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