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Understanding Water Damage & What You Can Treat Yourself

Several water disasters can leave you and your home with severe damage. The stress to you and the physical damage to your home is no joke. If your home or property is affected by water damage it is imperative to identify the issue and act as fast as possible to avoid more damage.

What CAN Water Damage Destroy in Your Home?

Water is one of the necessities of life and can be a source of bliss during those Scottsdale, Arizona summers, but it can also destroy everything in its path when it comes to your home. As a homeowner or property owner, it is vital to understand what areas water can wreck havoc inside your home. Be sure to check the following after a water damage incident:

  • Drywall

  • Plaster

  • Insulation

  • Wood

  • Framing

  • Floor coverings

  • Electrical wiring

  • Pipes

  • Appliances

  • HVAC

The longer you wait to check for signs and issues of water damage the more at risk you become to issues with your foundation and receiving a large restoration bill. The faster you act the faster you can protect your home and your pocket book.

What to Consider Before Water Damage Restoration?

To determine whether you will clean up the area yourself or hire water damage restoration experts, the first thing you want to do is to evaluate the situation and consider a few of the following factors:

Water Volume

If your home is experiencing a small or moderate amount of water, you can typically manage it on your own if you have the proper equipment. If there is significant flooding or a leak that has not been identified over time we recommend calling a water damage restoration professional as soon as possible.

Source of Damage

Before you can truly understand the extent of your water damage situation you must first identify where it is coming from. Here is a list of common sources.

  1. Clean water: Typically comes from rain or leaky pipes, this water does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe to handle yourself.

  2. Gray water: Leaking from appliances like your dishwasher, toilet, or washing machine gray water may be slightly contaminated.

  3. Blackwater: This is the worst type of water, blackwater comes from the sewer or flooding from a nearby water source such as a river. It often contains health hazards and is unsafe to handle.

Damage Level

Lastly, you’ll want to assess the level of damage. Light damage can often be handled by the homeowner, however, significant damage can be hazardous and dangerous to repair without the help of a professional. For example, if flooding on an upper level has seeped through the floor onto the ceiling, the damage is beyond your ability to safely restore.

Call a Professional for Your Water Damage Restoration in Scottsdale, Arizona

While water damage can be very stressful for homeowners, it is possible to restore your home back to normal with the right steps.

If you’re looking for guidance or believe the damage is beyond what you can manage, it’s always a sound decision to let water damage restoration professionals near you take care of the issue!

Contact Sunshine Restoration Today!

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