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Water Damage Prevention Tips for Summer Storms

Everyone knows and loves the great Arizona Monsoon storms. The State is known across the country for having some of the best summer storms, especially in places like the Mogollon Rim with elevation over 5,000 feet.

Even though we all love a good summer monsoon, this excess of humidity and weather conditions leave your home susceptible to extreme water damage. Whether it is caused by leaks from the roof after extensive rainfall or extreme humid conditions that are often rare in the Phoenix valley it is important to prepare your home for the all possible conditions so your home stands strong against water damage and future mold issues. As you keep scrolling you will see several tips to prevent water damage to your property during monsoon season.

Clean Your Gutters

A clean gutter is a must to ensure that your home is protected from water damage. Throughout the year, leaves and sticks will begin to gather in the gutters and downspouts which will clog your gutters from draining the water correctly. If this happens your gutters may overflow and run down the sides of your home which is not intended to do. Obviously, this can cause water damage to your home or allow mold to grow on your siding. It is always recommended to clean out your gutters during the each season of the year.

Check and Fix Leaks

There are a number of reasons that a water leak may occur somewhere in your home. Without properly identifying the problem, even a small leak can cause tremendous amounts of damage over the long run. You may find a leak in your roof, windows, pipes, plumbing and even your appliances.

The water may spread and begin to be absorbed by the other building materials in your home. Make sure to check common areas where leaks are often found. If you find one, make sure to properly address the leak even if it means contacting a professional. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Be Aware of Your Water Bill

Often times a leak may occur with the homeowner never understanding that their is an issue... until their is severe water damage. A good sign that you may have a water leak is seeing your water bill being higher than normal. Many professional companies or even your water service provider can help you identify the leak.

Heading Out For Summer Vacation? Turn Off the Water

When school is out many families both in Payson and Scottsdale will head to the beaches or other summer vacations. Often times these vacations can be long, even a week or two. If you are planning on going on a long vacation this summer, consider turning off your water in your home at the main shut off valve. This can be a life saver when it comes to major water damage issues. The last thing anyone wants after a blissful vacation is to come home to a flooded home.

Water Damage Professionals in Arizona

Water or flood damage to your Arizona home is at an all time risk during the summer months. Many families use more water, experience summer storms, and often leave for big vacations. By following the aforementioned tips in a preventative defense of your home will save you from water damage over the course of time.

If you discover water damage to your home, we recommend contacting a water damage restoration company ASAP in order to provide the most effective water mitigation. If you find yourself in this situation you can feel confident in contacting Sunshine Restoration!

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