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What Do I Do If My House Has Fire Damage?

There might not be anything more scary than experiencing a house fire to your Arizona home. After the initial shock of the fire damage, you may be wondering on where to even start in the cleanup process from the fire.

It is vital that you take the correct steps to make sure you and your family are safe and increase the chance of your home being restored properly if able.

Make Sure It Is Safe To Enter Your Property

Fire damage can vary in size and impact. Depending on how extensive the fire damage is you should wait to make sure that your home is safe to enter by contacting the local fire department first.

There can be spots throughout your house known as "hot spots" which can continue to burn days after the fire may look extinguished. There also may be beams that are no longer properly supported that could potentially fall.

Wait to use any kind of electricity without the proper permission from the local authorities. It is normal to be anxious to know what all made it through the fire, but waiting until the time is right and you can ensure proper safety can protect you and your family from further injury can could delay the fire damage restoration process even longer.

Document the Fire Damage

Once it is safe to enter the property make sure that you take pictures of the damage to be used for insurance purposes and to let companies like Sunshine Restoration know the amount of damage when seeking quotes for the restoration.

The damage may not be readily visible. Smoke may linger in your clothes, furniture, and home materials long after the fire. A house fire will create two types of smoke damage: visible soot & and invisible odor.

Call A Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company in Scottsdale, Arizona

Although there are some things you can do on your own, such as removing items like clothing and linens that can be washed or taken to the dry cleaners. But, you should not attempt to handle items that have severe damage from the fire, smoke or water. Contacting a restoration company is the best way to handle fire damages. These companies specialize in restoring and repairing what has been damaged.

We all love a good DIY project but trying to restore your home after fire damage is not a project we would ever recommend. There may be some things you can contribute however like removing items like clothing that may need to be taken to be washed. Let a full service restoration company take care of the severe damage.

The fire trucks may be gone but without proper immediate response, the real fire damage and the costs are just beginning. To return your residential or commercial property to its pre-loss condition requires professional fire damage restoration. This is not the job for a do-it-yourself property owner. For results you can have confidence in, choose Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration. We are a fire damage restoration contractor with professional training and certification from the IICRC. Fire restoration to a property is a complex process with many variables. Proper fire damage cleanup, odor removal, and repair is a task that requires technicians certified in fire damage restoration services.

Timeline of the Effects of Smoke and Fire Damage on a Home

WITHIN MINUTES Acid soot residues cause plastics to yellow; small appliances located close to the source of combustion discolor; highly porous materials (marble, alabaster) discolor permanently. WITHIN HOURS Acid residues stain grout in bathrooms; fiberglass bath fixtures may yellow; uncoated metals tarnish, countertops may yellow; finishes on appliances, particularly refrigerators, may yellow; furniture finishes may discolor. WITHIN DAYS In time, acid residues cause painted walls to yellow permanently; metal corrodes, pits and rusts; wood furniture requires refinishing; vinyl flooring requires refinishing or replace­ment; clothing becomes soot-stained; upholstery stains permanently. WITHIN WEEKS Restoration costs escalate tremendously. Synthetic carpet fibers may yellow or discolor permanently; silver plate is corroded permanently; glass, crystal, china may require replacement due to severe etching and pitting caused by prolonged exposure to acid soot residues.

We understand that Fire Damage can be extremely scary, that is why our specialists treat each of our client’s homes like they were our own. We don’t cut corners, we don’t leave out any steps. We work diligently and powerfully to successfully clean up any sign of fire damage. After our initial evaluation, our team works fast to reduce the amount of damage to your property. Our services include cleanup, deodorization, sanitization, and repair.

Contact us today to get started.

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