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Who Do You Trust To Take Care of Your Home If You Experience Water Damage or Flooding?

Waking up or coming home to water damage of flooding can be extremely stressful. Panic is usually the first reaction and that panic can cause loss of time. Most do not know what to do so they may try and mop up the water or remove wet carpet because it is the water they can see. But the bigger concern is how fast is the water wicking up the walls, under cabinets, etc. all the areas you cannot see.

Having a certified restoration company onsite within an hour or two can greatly reduce the damage done to your home. The longer the water sits the more chance it has to soak into building materials. This time can either mean longer dry times or more damage from mold and bacteria which require removal if given the opportunity to grow.

Fast extraction and structural drying can mean that carpet, drywall, and hardwood floors can be saved and greatly reduce the costs of a claim. The key is fast and proper structural drying.

Steps to proper structural drying assuming the dry out has started in a timely manner.

  1. Onsite within hours of water leak

  2. Through inspection marking with tape where moisture has traveled.

  3. Identify & address safety concerns

  4. Move wet contents to dry location, being careful not to place wet furniture on a surface that will cause damage.

  5. Thorough extraction, if extracting carpet make sure you cannot wring 1 once of water out of 1 square foot of pad.

  6. If walls are wet from 1 to 18 inches it is best to detach baseboard to facilitate drying

  7. Toe kick should be removed from under cabinets to allow for airflow under and behind cabinets.

  8. It is important to check for missed closets or even dead spaces in walls that may impede the ability to dry

  9. If walls are wet above 18 inches there is a possibility that may need to be removed.

  10. If there is vinyl, laminate or so call waterproof flooring these items will need to be removed to allow for structural drying.

  11. Hardwood flooring may be able to be dried if onsite fast enough and water mitigation company has proper tools and training.

  12. If there is a crawl space this area needs to be inspected and dried.

  13. Proper drying equipment needs to be set up the same day to facilitate fast drying and prevent mold and bacteria growth.

  14. Water damage structure must be monitored daily to make sure proper progress is being made.

As you can see there are a lot of steps including many that are not here that require someone who is trained and cares about making sure your home is dried out properly. That is why we want to be known as Arizona’s most trusted water damage company!

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