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Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Get Your Air Duct's Cleaned In Payson, Arizona?

Spring is the perfect time to clean your HVAC and Duct Systems. If we had to make a list of best ways to improve your indoor air quality it would be:

  1. Open A Window

  2. Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned by Sunshine Restoration

To efficiently clean your system, we need to turn it off. Springtime is perfect because you can open your windows and “start” the cleaning while we turn your system off so we can thoroughly clean your HVAC and ducts. While you clean your home of a winter’s worth of dirt and dust that often occurs in the Payson community, you run the risk of bringing in all that dirt and debris into your home.

Sunshine Restorations equips our trained technicians with professional equipment to effectively and properly clean the dirt and gunk out of your HVAC system. Our process is thorough to ensure that your entire duct system is prepared for the summer ahead. Here is how it works.

  1. Protect your home with drop cloths.

  2. Remove and wash all air conditioning vent covers.

  3. HEPA vacuum inside duct system entrance to prevent soil from entering the home.

  4. Seal off each AC supply register.

  5. Clean the air conditioning and heating unit (air handler).

  6. Place air conditioning system under negative pressure.

  7. Use compressed air or a rotary brush and push contaminants towards a vacuum.

  8. Clean each air conditioning duct, then the return side of the system.

  9. Vacuum all work areas leaving your home cleaner than when we arrived.

Everyone deserves to live and work in a comfortable indoor environment. This includes breathing clean air free from allergens and pollutants caused by dust, dirt, debris, bacteria, and other organic growth, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that collect inside air ducts, and HVAC systems. Clean air ducts will reduce allergens and dust in your home, help your A/C unit work more efficiently and last longer, and will most likely lower your air conditioning and heating bills.

There is certainly a reason we have all used the term "spring cleaning". Don't forget your air ducts in that process! Contact our team at Sunshine Restoration to receive a free estimate for an Air Duct Cleaning.

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