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Refresh Your Home With Sunshine

When it comes to cleaning, we often forget about our upholstered furniture until it becomes apparent that it needs to be cleaned. Your upholstered furniture gathers and collects dust just like your carpets, and also collects oils, skin cells, dander, and more. If your upholstery is looking tired or giving off foul odors, call Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration today for professional upholstery cleaning!

Our professional upholstery technicians are skilled at cleaning a variety of upholstery fabrics including cotton, microfiber, wool, silk, and more. We have the training and experience to clean almost any fabric safely and effectively.

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If a spot comes back, we come back – it’s that simple. Our technicians are extremely thorough, but sometimes the spots will wick to the surface and require extra attention. We understand how and why this happens, and have no problem coming back to treat it again.

Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration prides itself not only on our results but also on our great customer service. We have built our company and continue to grow because of our quality and reputation. Not all upholstery cleaning companies provide the same level of service, but at Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration our professional upholstery cleaning staff prides themselves on the results of your beautifully cleaned upholstery and the smiles of our happy customers.

Get Healthy & Beautiful Upholstery

If you’re like most people, your upholstered furniture sees a lot of use. Whether it’s your favorite recliner or your family-sized sectional sofa, regular use can result in the buildup of soils, stains, and odors that can leave your furniture in need in a serious cleaning!

Regular vacuuming helps remove dust and other particles that can gather on the surface of your upholstery. At a minimum, you should vacuum your upholstery every two weeks and professional cleaning should be performed at least every two years to keep your fabric clean healthy and beautiful for years to come.

At Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration, you can rely on our professional team to safely and effectively clean your upholstered furniture. Your furniture will not only be clean, but it will be healthier and look great, guaranteed!

Contact us today to get a quote or to schedule a consultation.

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