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What types of things are found inside ductwork?

Some contaminants typically found in air ducts are dead human skin cells (Dust), dust mites, pollen, pet dander, insects, rodents and their droppings, sheetrock, wood and concrete dust and sawdust.

Will cleaning the AC system help with allergy and asthma relief?

Yes, by removing the allergens from the air conditioning ducts. Every time your heat or air conditioning system turns on, it further aggravates allergies and asthma by forcing those allergens into the living space of the home and into the air you breathe.

How can cleaning the air ducts actually save me money?

Cleaning the air ducts can save you money by increasing the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. A cleaner system does not have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Research done by the EPA shows that a buildup of even .042 inches of dirt can result in a decrease of furnace efficiency up to 21%. The dust that stays in your system will accumulate on the fan blades of the blower motor, the coil and the inside of your ductwork, which can reduce air flow up to 40%. This translates into higher energy costs for you.

How does cleaning the air conditioning system help me with my housework?

Dust on furniture, the top of range hoods and ceiling fans will be reduced Dust is made up of dirt, pollen, fibers, mold spores, hair and other allergy-causing particles. About 95% of these are so microscopic, they will pass through your furnace filter and back into your home. Cleaning the ductwork means removing these contaminants from your home.

Do you remove the vent covers?

Our technicians will remove the air conditioning vent covers as long as they can easily be removed from the floor or the walls. Some homeowners’ still would like them removed, even if they are painted or caulked into place. We will be more than happy to remove HVAC covers as long as we have permission from the homeowner. (The homeowner might have to do some touch up).

Does dust and dirt go throughout the house while you are cleaning?

No dirt will blow throughout the home during the duct cleaning process. We used a closed system while we are cleaning. Any particles that we remove will go directly into our HEPA vacuum. There is a constant negative pressure (vacuum) maintained throughout the entire duct cleaning process.

How long does the duct cleaning process take?

An average-size home with one air conditioning system takes approximately 3-5 hrs to clean. The time varies according to how many air handlers are in the home and how many air conditioner vents need to be cleaned.

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