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Can Snow Cause Water Damage to My Home?

If you live in Northern Arizona, you may have seen our first cold spell of the year with hail and even light snow in some parts of the State this last weekend. Although it so pretty and can bring out the little kid in all of us, snow can have a sever impact on any type of property structure. Even though we are in fall, preparing for a bad snowstorm can be enough to help you save thousands of dollars in damage.

The last thing you want is to come out after the first big snow to see that your roof is starting to come down under the pressure of the weight of the snow. This can be dangerous for someone walking by your home and should be removed as soon as possible. Aside from the potential physical harm from snow, the bigger issue may be the threat it posses to your property. The longer the frozen water sits on your roof the more your home might become subject to the melting snow and ice...

Here’s how snow and water damage go hand in hand and how it can cause problems for your home:


Most roofs these days are built to last with strong materials and installed optimally, however, they still can only take so much weight. Having your roof inspected at least once a year in Arizona can be a great idea to ensure no water or ice damage to the structure.

Roof Can Begin To Collapse Under Pressure

In places like Payson, Arizona and other Northern Arizona towns we may not see tremendous amounts of snow very often during the winter months. Just one foot of snow on the average rooftop can weigh as much as 18,000 pounds. One good snow with this extreme weight will pressure the roof to collapse, creating permanent structural damage as well as water damage when the snow begins melts. It is likely that by this point you will begin to see leaks in your ceiling and attic.

Water Leaks Through Windows and Doors

When snow begins to melt the water will start to move to the place with the least resistance. This is often the cracks and crevices near windows, flashings, and other parts of the roof.

Health Risk to Family & Property

In places like Payson, a big snow storm might start to melt only hours after the snow stops falling. This can make the snow slide off your roof quickly and land on anything below. This can be dangerous to your family or property on the ground below.


Snow might be fun to play in, but if your area in Arizona gets cold enough it can very quickly turn to ice. This can be just as dangerous and damaging as snow to your property. Ice can cause serious damage to the building materials of your home. Learn more about ice damage effects on your home.

The Risk of Frozen Pipes

One of the biggest concerns to homeowners in Northern Arizona is the chance of a frozen pipe. This can creates thousands of dollars in damage to your home if an emergency strikes. If the temperature in your area drops below freezing for over 24 hours, the pipes can freeze if not left on a constant drip. The ice within these pipes will add pressure to the inside of the pipe forcing it to burst. If this happens your home and property can be flooded quickly, requiring immediate water removal. Read here for more information.

Creating An Ice Dam

An ice dam can be created in your gutter as it collects water, eventually freezing it. As it expands along the roof of your home, it can run beneath the shingles or down the face of your gutters and freeze to form icicles. If water damage reaches beneath the roof it can contribute to a roof leak which can lead to mold if it’s not dried out quickly and properly.


As stated above there are several threats to the safety of your home and family when there is a tremendous amount of snow on the roof, however this is not the only thing that should be on your mind when it comes to your home's safety during a snowfall. When snow falls to the ground it can begin to seep deep into the home's foundation. This happens typically in the late winter, which can be a common reason of more floods happening at this time of year.

Melting snow can find it's way into the slab foundation quickly penetrating the walls of your home. It can only be a few hours before you may begin to notice a musty smell or a mold growth.


The moment you find any amount of snow on the roof of your home or property, we recommend trying to remove it as quickly as possible. This can save you a lot of money in the long run to prevent any water significant water damage to the structure of your home as it begins to melt.

If your home as already become subject to snow and you were not able to remove it before it began to melt and you now have leaks in your roof for the water damage, then you may have to contact an emergency water damage restoration service provider like Sunshine Restoration. If you don't treat the water damage right away you may run the risk of exposing your family and property to greater issues such as mold damage.

Sunshine Restoration is available in Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding areas to provide professional water damage restoration services. Our professional and certified technicians will respond within an hour to your call as we understand the importance of treating the emergency immediately. You can expect upon our arrival, that we will set up professional drying equipment, including dehumidifiers and air movers. All hard surfaces will then be disinfected using anti-microbials and cleaning products to prevent mold. We can also provide mold removal services if needed to ensure your property is fully restored to its original condition.

Our mission is to bring the SUNSHINE on Your Darkest Day.

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