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Don't Let Mold Blossom in Your Arizona Home this Spring

That's right Arizona residents, spring is close. From Northern Arizona's cold, snowy weather and the constant need to change from sweaters to t-shirts in the Greater Phoenix area, winter looks to be diminishing. As we look forward to warmer temperatures be aware of your home's nemesis: MOLD.

In places like your attic, a furnace, humidifier, swamp cooler, AC unit - moist air may have presented the perfect breeding ground for mold growth. It may be hidden behind a wall in your home or under your sink that has a leaky pipe. There are several places that your home is susceptible to moisture build up and when this happens mold can begin to take root in your home.

Sunshine Restoration is here to protect your home from undesired mold growth. Let's break it down...

What is Mold?

Mold is a family of fungi, made up of mold spores, that can be found both indoors and outdoors. There are thousands of different types of mold spores and we can be exposed to many of them on a daily basis without ever knowing. These mold spores grow and break down organic substances.

Mold requires a couple important factors in it's growth process that can cause issues for your home and health. For growth to happen in your home these four aspects are usually met: mold spores, damp areas, proper temperatures, and food for growth.

How Does Mold Develop?

A lot of times residents typically connect mold development with water damage. Although this is true during a water damage emergency, mold can grow wherever moisture has built up and where warm temperatures are present.

We recommend immediately calling Sunshine Restoration for your mold emergencies during the aftermath of severe water damage or flood damage. We will walk you through the entire process from water damage to our recommended reconstruction efforts.

The Mold Removal, Cleanup, & Mitigation Process

Having mold in the home can lead to a number of health problems because of the allergens presented when mold is produced. Many people sensitive to mold have symptoms such as headaches, runny nose, soar throat, rashes, and other undesired symptoms. For some, long-term health risks may occur including breathing or raspatory issues. If you or another resident of your home or commercial building have come across these issues and is sensitive to mold, it may be time to call Sunshine Restoration.

Molds can produce a toxin known as mycotoxins, which can make symptoms much worse. This may need immediate attention to provide safety to individuals exposed. This type of dangerous mold requires a professional mold removal company. Companies like Sunshine Restoration have the proper licensing, equipment, and experience to remove the mold and restore your home to a safe breathable area again. Our technicians understand and use the proper precautions to avoid further spread of mold to other areas of your home.

Professional restoration technicians understand the need for a quick response. Immediate remediation is key to controlling any escalating costs. The longer the remediation is delayed, the higher the cost of restoration. Certified restorers have the knowledge to test materials and apply the restoration techniques required to return the items to their pre-loss condition.

Certified professionals have the training and experience to:

  • Identify moisture sources

  • Evaluate mold growth (visible or suspected)

  • Contain damage to the smallest area possible

  • Physically remove contamination

  • Dry materials to ensure that mold will not return

  • Perform or recommend procedures for returning the property to a pre-loss condition

In some cases the removal of walls, carpeting or cabinetry is required. Then, the use of chemicals to kill the organism down to the roots is needed. Finally, the area can be restored to it’s initial condition.

At Sunshine Restoration, our trained mold specialists take all necessary precautions to protect you from exposure to the hazards of mold in the home. We will evaluate the mold issue, completely remove and remediate the area and restore it to its original condition. If you suspect mold in your home, contact Sunshine Restoration today.

Potential for a Mold Problem

Identifying a potential mold issue can be tricky. If you see any of these signs, you may have an issue with mold in your home:

  • Strong Odor

  • Physically seeing mold growth on surfaces in your home. Depending on the type of spores they may be a number of different colors.

  • Those living or visiting your home develop symptoms such as a cough, itchy eyes, a running nose, headaches, and others.

  • Your home has recently been flooded or has a history of water damage.

  • You live in a place subject to high humidity.

  • Drywall is bowing, discolored; warped wood; peeling paint signs of water presence or damage. All can be a symptom of water damage.

  • Cracked pipes, leaky roof, condensation around pipes or windows.

While reading this, if you have realized your home has a few of these symptoms it is important to consult with a professional to make sure there is no presence of mold, and if so, how it can be rectified. Contact us today if an inspection is on your "to do" list.

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