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Why Do I Need My Ducts Cleaned In My Home?

Duct cleaning is often out of sight out of mind. Knowing who to trust to make sure it is done right is not easy. Check out our 5 Star Google Reviews to see what others have said about duct cleaning services. With our proven track record you can breath easy knowing your ducts were cleaned properly.

Why should I get my ducts cleaned? How often should I get my ducts cleaned?

There is a greater need for duct cleaning in Arizona when compared to other states. Between the Arizona Dust, Haboobs, AKA dust storms and the hard surface floors we like so much. Your HVAC system gets dusty much sooner than other states. Keeping your house floors and HVAC filters clean is the best way to prevent dust from entering your system. Even with that being said you may require thorough duct cleaning every 5-10 years.

How do you clean my ductwork?

Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration is a NADCA certified duct cleaning company. We use the Push/Pull method of duct cleaning which is also called source removal. This basically means we reverse the airflow of your HVAC system back to our large HEPA negative air machine. Once each register is cleaned and the HVAC systems are cleaned we run brushes down each duct line, pushing dust and contamination toward the vacuum. If you are going to have your duct cleaned you might as well have it done right.

How much do you charge for duct cleaning?

The best thing is for us to come out and do a free inspection. that way we can give you an accurate price.

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