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Has Water Damage Destroyed Your Carpet?

When water damage of any kind happens, your carpet and carpet padding is often one of your home's most highly contaminated pieces. Our team at Sunshine Restoration has decades of experience in the Scottsdale and Payson areas for quality carpet cleaning. Water damage to your carpet can be small or extensive depending on the amount of water the carpet soaks up. We know exactly how to tell if your carpet is in need of replacement or if it is something that can be remedied.

When our team arrives, we will analyze the extent of the water damage to your carpet and look at several parts of your home's materials. Some of these include the construction, style, and quality of the carpet.

If water has seeped deep into the carpet fibers and the padding underneath it is likely that it will need to be removed or you may run the risk of mold growth. GROSS! Through the help of a flooring professional or your insurance company, you will likely be able to find a similar carpet to replace.

When Should Carpet Padding Be Replaced Due to Water Damage?

There are times when the carpet padding or cushion must be replaced as a result of water damage. These may be unfortunate circumstances, but it is our practice to completely restore your home to its pre-loss state. A few situations where carpet padding should be replaced:

  • The padding has a non-porous skin

  • The padding materials are mostly organic

  • Padding has been saturated for 72 hours or more

The extent of the carpet damage, the padding material, and the time spent saturated are all factors that will influence this decision. This is one reason we suggest calling our team at Sunshine Restoration as quickly as possible. The faster that we can get to the home the less likely you will need to replace a large amount of material. If water sits for any long period of time, the more damage it will cause to the property.

If the carpet damage is inspected quickly, we can begin the drying efforts and potentially save your carpeting or the padding underneath.

Never wait if you have experienced water damage. Call us today at 480-912-2619 for carpet cleaning and water damage restoration services for your Payson or Scottsdale home!

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