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How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company?

We all want the best deal possible, it is natural to not want to pay any more for a product or service then you need to. If you are buying a new iPhone X or smart TV you want to find the best

price, deal or incentive to make that purchase. But buying a “service” is very different than buying a “product” in most cases.

Let me give you an example! You need computer service done. Company A charges $80.00 dollars per hour and Company B charges $130.00 per hour. At first glance company A appears to be cheaper. But in reality, the company that would be cheaper is the one who solved your computer problem first and in the shortest amount of time. If company A charges for 3 hours of time and does not fix the problem, or causes others and company B fixes the problem in 30 minutes, then company B is clearly the most affordable choice. This is a real-life experience we have had in our company.

How does this apply to carpet cleaning? The first question people ask when calling for carpet cleaning is “how much do you charge” It is a natural question to ask if they do not know what else to ask. But in reality, the question that should be asked is will you actually clean my carpet? What steps will you take to provide great results? What is your guarantee?

We have been programmed to ask price because we do not know what else to ask and because every carpet cleaning ad advertises low pricing and deals to get in the door. Most of the time unrealistically low prices. When you hear an ad that says we can clean 5 rooms and a hall for $125.00 no matter how good the marketing, think about what that cost the company. If they send out one trustworthy employee to drive to your house, do the job with a truck that costs well over $65,000.00 and they only charge $125.00 how long do you think they can take to do your carpet cleaning. Under that scenario, the technician would either need to rush the job or make a lot of sales or both to make a profit.

That means you are either going to have a salesman cleaning your carpet or someone rushing through. Either way, you are left short-handed with carpet that is not very clean.

What makes us different?

  1. Our technicians are not paid on commission, they are rewarded to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  2. We provide 12 Steps of carpet cleaning to give you the cleanest carpet possible. These steps include pre-vacuuming, pre-spraying, agitation, very thorough cleaning, grooming, and speed drying

Our cleaning is not like most that you have seen, this is why we have so many 5 Star Google reviews is because we do it right and if there is an issue we will reclean no questions asked. Try us for all your carpet cleaning needs.

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