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Reconstruction Services After Water or Fire Damage

After a disaster that leaves you with fire, water, mold, or storm damage, you need to mitigate the damage first before starting reconstruction. Our team at Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration manages everything including mitigation, repairs, and reconstruction.

Because we offer cleaning, restoration, and reconstruction services it eliminates the need for you to find and coordinate with several contractors to get the disaster cleaned up to restore your property. We work to simplify things for our clients who need to restore their property by offering both restoration and reconstruction services.

The team at Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration is equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to provide high-quality repair and reconstruction services. Our crew knows how to quickly and efficiently to reconstruct your property because they handle all types of repairs on a daily basis. We are honest in all the jobs we complete and only provide high-quality work and complete it the right way – without cutting any corners.

Read some of key steps in the restoration process after severe water damage to your Scottsdale or Phoenix Valley home.

Signs of Water Damage

Water damage can cause monumental damage to your home's interior, exterior and belongings. As moisture comes into direct contact with walls, ceilings, and floors, it affects drywall, wood, paint, carpets, and wiring. A small amount of moisture in a limited space is repairable, but when the water damage begins to spread, reconstruction might be necessary. The materials in homes and businesses are affected in different ways:

  • Saturated carpets can lead to mold growth and decontamination

  • Wood can begin to swell and even rot

  • Paint can bubble up and begin to peel away from the surface

  • Electrical wiring can short out. This can be very dangerous.

Mold growth is always a problem after flooding which many homeowners may experience during an Arizona monsoon storm. As mold and mildew spread, they also compromise the integrity of building structures as they break down the material.

Respond Quickly to the Water Damage

Any and all signs of water and fire damage should be a cause for concern no matter how big or small as they can lead to more issues if not treated immediately. Things like cupboards that pull away from the wall may be hiding mold growth and swollen wood in the wall behind. If something like this is not properly treated, this water damage could spread further throughout the building which will only increase the need for more reconstruction.

The risks associated with structural damages, and especially unseen damages, are significant enough that reconstruction restoration services should be scheduled after any major flooding or fire situation.

Call Reconstruction Water Damage Restoration Professionals

Your very first step should be scheduling reconstruction restoration services with trained professionals who can help mitigate the amount of damage that you home needs to recover from. We recommend doing this immediately. Mold can begin to grow and begin to spread at an alarming rate. Next, use all available resources to dry out the building. Open the windows, crank up your heater or air conditioner, and install fans. Just be careful to avoid spreading moisture to unaffected areas of the building. If you’re not sure how to protect unaffected areas of the building, ask the reconstruction professionals for advice.

Monitor Reconstruction Progress

During your restoration services, it may be important to vacate your home for a few days as the work is being completed. When this is the case, it’s a good idea to stop in and talk to reconstruction technicians, so you know how well the cleanup process is going. Make sure you and the reconstruction professionals have easy contact with each other. Our team at Sunshine Restoration is extremely intentional in speaking with our clients early and often to ensure that you understand everything that is going on in your home. We hope that this lowers the amount of stress during the process knowing your team of experts are willing to work closely with you.

If you are currently going through this emergency, first we are sorry this happened to you! We know how stressful and heartbreaking it can be to see your home damaged. That being said we have the trained staff, tools, and experience to get your home back to normal and bring sunshine back to your darkest day.

If you are in need of reconstruction help contact us today!

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