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Should You Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned?

Dyer vents can be very dangerous. Most often, we don’t give our dryer vents an extra thought. If you don’t take care of them properly, they can cause some serious problems.

But how do you maintain your dryer vents?

Take a look at this dryer vent cleaning guide and find out how to keep your dryer vents safe and functioning.

Why Does My Dryer Vent Need to Be Cleaned?

If you don’t take care of your dryer properly, it can become a huge fire hazard to your home.

Almost 3,000 dryer fires happen every year, and those fires cause an estimated $35 million in property loss, hundreds of injuries, and even five deaths. Clogged dryer vents are one of the leading causes of these fires.

Now your dryer vent may not burst out into flames, but a dirty vent can still be dangerous. A blocked dryer vent can cause fumes to enter into your home which can take a large toll on the health of you and your family if not addressed.

We get that cleaning out your dryer vents may be the least of your worries, but it is extremely important. A dryer vent cleaning company like Sunshine Restoration can take over the chore for you and make sure that it is done right!

The Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is no surprise that a clean dryer works better than a dirty dryer. A clean dryer can dry your clothes much faster saving you time and money on your electrical bill. If it takes more than one load to fully dry your clothes, your dryer vents are probably starting to get clogged, a good dryer vent cleaning should allow your clothes to dry in one load.

Your dryer will also last longer if you keep it clean. The dirtier it is, the harder it has to work to do its job. This could cause it to burn out or need maintenance much sooner than it should.

And a hard-working dryer makes your energy bill go up. That’s right; you’re actually spending more money on your energy bill if you run a dirty dryer.

Why is that?

When a dirty dryer works harder, it takes much more energy. By cleaning your vents your can ensure that your dryer can work much more efficiently.

The largest benefit however, is the fact that a clean dryer vent can help keep a happy, healthy family, safe from fire hazards.

Call on one of our professional dryer vent technicians to provide proper maintenance to make sure your dryer is running properly and keeping your home safe.

Why Can’t I Just Clean the Dryer Vents Myself?

You can. In fact, it’s a good idea to clean your dryer vents regularly. This will keep any buildups you can’t reach as small as possible.

Because there will definitely be debris, you can’t clean them out yourself.

You most likely don’t have the same tools and training professional vent cleaners have, which will make it impossible for you to clean all the debris and clogs out from the vents completely.

You Should Always Hire a Professional

Some companies specialize in cleaning out vents. Companies like Sunshine Restoration have all the right tools, all the right training, and several years of experience cleaning out dryer vents already.

While you can do a good job cleaning your dryer vents on your own from time to time, when it comes to a major cleaning, you should always hire a professional.

What to Expect from a Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

The first thing the professional will do is find and remove the outside dryer cap.

They will then slide along, tube-like vacuum and snake brush the vent into the vent to dislodge and remove any debris. If there are any blockages stuck to the walls of the vents, the professional will use the snake brush to scrape them away.

The areas of your vents that will get the most attention are the bends and elbows. These places buildup debris faster than other parts of the vent, so they will take special care to make sure anything inside is vacuumed out.

Sometimes, professionals will also conduct a diagnostic test after the dryer vent cleaning. This test will find out how much pressure goes through the vent, how much gas makes it into your home, and finds out if there are any damages inside the vent.

But this isn’t part of every dryer vent cleaning. Most cleanings consist of scraping debris away and vacuuming them out of the vent.

Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs to Be Cleaned

You can usually tell when your dryer vent starts to clog up. If you keep an eye out for some of these warning signs, you’ll be able to call a professional dryer vent cleaning service before you have any serious problems.

Here’s a quick list of what to look out for.

  • Your clothing take more than one cycle to dry

  • After a cycle, your clothes smell musty

  • The room feels hot when the dyer is running

  • You can see debris inside the dryer vent

  • There’s more lint in the lint trap than there should be

  • Your clothes feel unusually hot at the end of a cycle

  • Used dryer sheets get a strong odor

If you see any of these sings, you should call a professional right away. These signs usually mean you have a buildup of debris inside your vent.

You should also call a professional if you haven’t had a dryer vent cleaning in over a year.

Let Sunshine Restoration Provide You Dryer Vent Cleaning

A dirty dryer vent has the potential to lead serious disasters, and a simple cleaning is all you need to keep your house and family safe. It will also keep your dryer in good condition so it can dry your clothes quickly and easily.

If you are in need of a proper dryer vent cleaning give us a call today at 480-912-2619 or contact us at

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