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The Season of Broken Pipes - Part 2

Where we left off in the last blog post, we had started what at the time was our largest water extraction and water removal job to date for Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration in Payson, AZ.

An 11000 sq. ft retreat center with 28 dorm rooms and many common areas was completely wet from top to bottom. After the first day of mitigating the building we realized we did not have the resources or knowledge to dry this out correctly, so I called a friend and water damage instructor to help manage the job.

When he arrived, he quickly assessed the situation and we got a content crew to pack out the entire building and an equipment rental company onsite to provide the needed drying equipment we were lacking at the time.

But drying equipment was only one small part of what was needed on this job. Everything that was wet needed to be removed and there was a lot to remove. Over 30 toilets had to be detached and stored, 100s of doors detached and stored. Countless, lights and switch plates and towel bars pieces of trim, ceiling fans all had to be removed. It was overwhelming to say the least. With our lack of experience and limited resources at the time it took nearly two weeks to dry completely and almost 4 weeks to complete all work.

On the very last day of production work onsite, we ended up with what was describe at the time as a blizzard with extreme driving conditions. Employee wives in Payson were calling warning us to come home as the road condition were getting worse by the moment, but where we were at in Heber everything looked great. We wrapped up as early as possible and started to head home only to find out that the road was closed due to multiple accidents. We stopped and ate lunch and waited for conditions to change. I believe we enjoyed a blizzard at Dairy Queen to celebrate the completion of this huge project.

Good new finally came that the road had opened back up and we made the long snowy journey home. Our entourage inched along slowly in the treacherous conditions. We witnessed multiple accidents and slide offs along the way and had a few close calls ourselves thanks to some reckless and impatient drivers. Fortunately, we all made it home safely and without incident.

The next few days the storm continued to ravage the area dumping feet of snow on the entire rim country. As the storm cleared out the cold weather came back with a vengeance. This time with temperatures reaching 0 degrees. Then things got really busy.

Stay tuned to our next installment to learn how we handled in excess of 30 large floods in a matter of days.

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