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Understanding the Short Term & Long Term Issues Caused By Water Damage

The causes of severe water damage to your home can vary for each homeowner, but the pain and frustration the crisis can bring often times looks and feels the same. Not only will the water damage cause a lot of hassle, but it can often lead to devastating damages and horrific costs.

As you read this article, written by your trusted experts in flood removal and water damage restoration in Scottsdale, you will better understand what you can expect from water damage if it is not addressed promptly and correctly.

Water Damage Can Destroy Your Belongings

This is obviously not a secret. Flood damage can bring a number of consequences inside your home, even the smallest amount of water can ruin furniture, appliances, floors, and more. If you experience water damage, there is a high chance that you'll have to throw away some of your belongings that were subject to the water.

If you act quickly and call a water damage restoration team like Sunshine Restoration in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can have the best chance of being able to salvage some if not all of your items.

Water Damage Can Bring Unhealthy Conditions

No matter the reason if you have floodwater in your home it is unsanitary and can cause sickness. Having wastewater in your home should be something you are very mindful of as it can often bring chemical hazards right into your home.

As a homeowner you do not want to expose your family to this unsanitary water, which is why we recommend having the residents of your home vacate the house immediately and call in properly trained water damage professionals to identify the problem and begin a restoration plan.

Water Damage Can Bring Unpleasant Odors

As dirty water finds a home in your house that foul odor that typically accompanies the water can last even long than the flood. Often times the smell might be to much for your family to handle and no amount of Febreeze can try to cover it up.

It is vital that the entire home be deep cleaned after the water damage restoration process to ensure that the odor is eliminated and will not linger in your home for years to come. We recommend using our air drying method to make sure that the smell is negated quickly. If you are in a situation where the smell has already settled, try opening your windows and doors for a few days to help the situation.

Water Damage Can Cause Electrical Damage

If your home has suffered from water damage it typically means bad news for your electrical lines. Water damage can cause electrical shorts and you run the risk of electrocution if there any electrical cords in the water or in the case of a flood, water gets inside the outlets.

Water damage experts like Sunshine Restoration will first clear up the floodwater, clean the home, and determine that it's safe for your family to be back inside the house. We also recommend after the flood cleanups that you hire an electrician who can perform any necessary repairs to your home.

Water Damage Can Cause Mold Growth

You probably already know but MOLD THRIVES AFTER WATER DAMAGE. When you experience water damage it creates an environment for mold to thrive due to the moist and humid conditions. Some mold spots are not easy to identify at first, there's a chance that there are mold spores already starting to multiply in your home that has been subject to water or flood damage.

Just cleaning your home after water damage is not enough to fully fight against the growth of mold in your home. Most homeowners won't even know where to check for mold growth. Mold is highly dangerous to you and your family's health and it is essential that you trust this danger to the hands of mold remediation professionals who understand mold, how to remove it, and have the tools and training to do so.

Where to find the experts in water damage restoration in Scottsdale, Arizona?

We hope that this article was able to provide several things to understand and look for if you are dealing with water or flood damage in your home. We hope that this type of crisis is something you never have to face, but if it does we know the importance of working with a water damage restoration team that can help you immediately and reduce your damages.

Sunshine Restoration located in Scottsdale, Arizona is the water damage restoration company that you can trust for all your water, mold, and fire restoration needs. With decades of experience our team is one that you can count on to be there to help restore your home to its proper state and address all aspects of the water damage. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer!

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