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Water Damage Restoration in Scottsdale, Arizona

Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration has the equipment and expertise to bring your life back to normal quickly and efficiently. We are with you through every part of the water damage restoration process including the water extraction, water restoration, and all other water removal services that your situation calls for. We care about our customers and will do the best water damage repair that we know-how, using our water mitigation services. If you need immediate help with your emergency water damage crisis, call us today!

Water Damage Services in Scottsdale AZ

Imagine for a moment that you washed your clothes but forgot them in the washing machine for a day! Have you ever done that? Remember that smell? That smell is bacteria from the stagnant water on your clothes. Now imagine that smell in your whole home after experiencing a water leak. You can’t just rewash your house to get that smell out.

Water travels under walls, cabinets, and to other unknown areas and starts to wick up walls if you have flooding of some kind. The longer the water sits, the more it invades materials and the higher the water wicks up the walls. After a few days, bacteria will start to form and then mildew develops.

All affected nonstructural materials need to be removed and replaced if the structure is not dried out in a matter of days from when the leak happened. The result is increased job cost and more significant inconvenience for you, the property owner.

Serious damage to your home from water damage can happen in a short amount of time from causes such as:

  • Air conditioner leaks

  • Broken or leaky pipe water damage

  • Bathtub overflow, sink overflow, toilet overflow

  • Sump pump failure

  • Hardwood floor water damage

  • Air conditioner leaks

  • Large-loss from flooding or sudden storm damage

If you need water damage cleanup because of any of the previously mentioned, our water damage company is available 7 days a week to handle residential and commercial property restoration.

When You Need Water Damage Services

When you have a water damage project in Scottsdale, we work for you! We work hard to make sure your home is healthy and the job is done right. We also work with all insurance companies and have a great working relationship with many adjusters. But ultimately our decisions are based on making sure your business and family have a healthy home when we are done. We do what is best for you and your home!

The best part is we have the technology to dry your home super fast. Hopefully, you will never need our services, but if you do, know that Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration is the company you can trust.

Emergency Water Damage Cleanup & Removal

Every water damage job is different! Different materials, different ages of homes, and different structural designs all affect how the water behaves. So, you need proper water damage services from a home water damage restoration company with both experience and ethics. Sunshine Restoration has been in business since 1987, has years of experience to know how to do the job right, and the ethics to make sure we do the job right. When you need emergency water removal, we make it our mission to check your home from top to bottom to make sure that all excess water and moisture is eliminated.

If you are unsure whether you have moisture in your walls even after the smallest of leaks, give us a call and we can do a free inspection during regular business hours. You’ll get the proper water damage services from an experienced home water damage restoration company.

Scottsdale Sewage Backup Cleanup & Removal

In addition to water damage cleanup, we also take care of your sewage removal and sewage cleanup in Scottsdale AZ. We have years of experience with various sewage cleanup and crawl space water damage problems. We provide the best sewage backup cleanup and repair services in Scottsdale for both home and businesses.

Sewage can come from your drain pipes to your shower, sink, toilet or washer, a leaking wax ring on your toilet and it can even come from your toilet bowl. If sewage damage problems remain untreated, they can cause major structural damage which can be very expensive to repair. If you have sewage damage, it is advised to call us immediately for water extraction as dealing with sewage can be a risk to your health.

The Professional Water Damage Company in Scottsdale AZ

If you have water damage or flooding of any kind, we handle the water removal immediately. We are an emergency water damage company that provides service to all residential and commercial water damage victims throughout Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. We make sure that any affected area is professionally cleaned, deodorized, and sanitized. Our professionally trained and certified water damage restoration specialists are available to handle any crisis. We are there for all your Scottsdale water damage repairs. Sunshine Restoration will put your mind at ease with our water damage services.

Give us a call at 480-912-2619 or visit our website at to talk to the Sunshine Restoration team today!

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